Are You Stuck In A Relationship? Here Are Some lifehacks

Ready, stop, go!

Love is a very cloudy and euphoric entity. Once you get hit by it, you tend to forget almost everything around you, even your own emotions for the least. Love is very tricky and usually, one gets really blinded by it that one does not see what other people see with your existing relationship. Others may say it is good for you and others may think otherwise but you just choose to ignore their advice because love is there, blocking everyone else’s opinion. When you love, you tend to be one sided, you tend to believe what your eyes see and basically missing out the sprinkle of truth you need.

When does the traffic light turn green?

You Know That You Still Have The Right Person If They Continue To Do These lifehacks:
● Flowers
● Priorities
● No facades

Flowers for you!

Just because you have been together for quite some time, does not mean you stop giving her flowers and what nots. This is basically an evident showing of overflowing emotions. This keep the love alive no matter how passive you think it has gotten.

You are still the one

If you decide to enter in a commitment, you should know how to prioritize your partner. It will never work if you cannot give time for him just because you are busy. Always remember, no matter how busy it gets, love moves in mysterious ways. Visit and get more ideas about relationships.

No masks, just us.

For you to be able to take off, it is always important to be real to your partner. Putting up a wall or putting on a mask will never work onset of the relationship. If you both want to flourish, make sure you show each other’s flaws and perfection. Through this, your relationship would grow considering you have known each other really well.