In the millennial world, children are now fond of gadgets and electronic devices that are widely available in the market. Many children nowadays prefer a smart phone, an android tablet and laptops as their toys. Creativity nowadays comes in handy with these new gadgets and devices, with just one click and one swipe, and everything comes to life like magic. But what about in the time where these gadgets are nowhere to be found? What do kids play with? What do boys held as a toy back then? What do girls prefer the most? More information on miniatures on .

Dollhouse: A Brief History

One the most sought after present by girls in the old times is a dollhouse. A dollhouse (term used in the United States) or doll’s house (term used in the United Kingdom) is a home-made toy and is considered a miniature item. For centuries, dollhouses have been the primary toy of children, and adults collected and crafted them as hobby.

Dollhouses’ history started way back about four hundred years to the baby house display cases of Europe, which displayed idealized interiors and smaller dollhouses with more realistic exteriors appeared in the 18th century. Dollhouses were all handmade before the Industrial Revolution and World War II occurred, but then was mass-produced and standardized which made dollhouses more affordable at that time. Dollhouses before were ingeniously made from simple boxes stacked together used as rooms for play, and also did have designs that took up to multimillion-dollar structures displayed in museums.

Notable Dollhouses

Dollhouses are not only mere toys for children or just designed for decorations, but also made and owned by important people, and some of them includes following:

Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, which was designed in 1924 by Sir Edwin Lutyens and was displayed at Windsor Castle in England.

Stettheimer Dollhouse, which was made between 1916 and 1935 in New York City by Carrie Walter Stettheimer. The dollhouse is 28″ high and contains 12 rooms, and is now displayed at a museum.

There are other notable dollhouses in the olden days, crafted and done delicately. Nowadays, it may not be handmade, but anyone can challenge themselves to be creative enough to design their factory made dollhouses.