Looking For A Bluetooth LE Compatible Hub? wink vs wink 2

In our age of technological advancement, there are several manufacturers who are making a name for themselves. There have been amazing feats of innovation from automotive, consumer electronics, wearables, and unification through home automation. The developers and their designs are diverse and the modes of ‘communication’ or the device support connectivity are diverse as well. Smart devices connect either via Wifi, Clear Connect, Zigbee, and others.  More information on wink vs wink 2 on justclickappliances.com/.

A hub which supports a wider range of device supports clearly gives the owners an advantage. Customers do not need to limit themselves when purchasing smart devices based on the connectivity their hub can support. Between wink vs wink 2which hub is able to support more types of devices?

Which Wink Hub Is Compatible With Bluetooth LE Smart Devices?

Both Wink Hubs unify the connected smart devices with a 2.4GHz Wifi when sending commands from your phone or tablet. To completely unify these devices, the Hub have to ‘translate’ the different device supports available in your home. Both Wink Hubs can support Wifi, Clear Connect, Kidde, Z-Wave, Lutron, and Zigbee. This wide range alone can already help you gain control for the majority of the smart devices and already exceeds many of the other hubs available.

Then the developers decided to make the device support of the Wink Hubs even wider. In contrast to the older generation, Wink Hub 2 can support devices which connect via Bluetooth LE. Bluetooth had been one of the pioneers of wireless connectivity and had been the standard of many manufacturers for wireless connection between devices. With Wink Hub 2, you can enjoy the automation of numerous Bluetooth LE smart devices available in the market. Combined with its other unique features, Wink Hub 2 is definitely a good choice for unifying a wide range of smart devices.