Things To Learn To Become A Professional Web Designer – UI/UX Web Designer

Becoming a professional web designer is one of the best decision you ever make in your career especially when you have this kind of artistic nature in you. After all, just like the famous quote goes, – Passion Never Fails. Hence, you are excited about this new venture and you look forward to becoming one of the many famous designers in the industry. offers some in-depth insights on website design.


One of the most important thing when you really want to produce a good web design is to learn font combinations. Keep in mind that there are thousands of font styles that you can use in order to reach your target audience. The typeface, on the other hand, can be divided into two classifications and these are the serif and the san serif. The serif fonts are often used in the printing industry, while san serif is often used on the World Wide Web. Therefore, even though you know a lot of tricks when it comes to web design, it is wise to go back to basic and learn font combinations and family fonts.


Some designers overlooked this part of the overall design and just used icons whichever they want. This is terribly wrong. It does not make any sense of using thick icons while the font you used prior to the content is thin. Therefore, it should be balanced and make sure that it fits according to the style of the structure and the branding of the site. The use of icons must match according to the logo and brand the site has. In order to help your eyes about this fact, consider joining web designers online community. In here, you can gain the information you need to develop a cool design.

Smart Objects

By now, you should know that every important image you use or import to your panel must have a good quality. Always transform the images into smart objects so you can adjust the size but will not ruin the quality of the image.