Where Do Fairy Names Come From

Have you ever wonder where a fairy name generator gets its massive resource of fairy names? More information on fairy names on fantasynames.org.

A fairy name generator can easily churn out at least ten different, fantastical names with each click with very little possibility of repeating a name generated. If you think about it,that’s about tens of thousands of names generated from a single database. So, where does its data come from?

From mythology and folklore

An obvious source would be the different myths and legends across the globe. In Celtic and Welsh folklore alone, there is literally tons of research material that a fairy name generator can use. There are also a number of names that came from the English, Slavic, German, and French folklore.

Unfortunately, even with this massive source material, most creative writers find themselves stuck in using the most common, popular, and mundane fairy names for their fictional characters. Thus, using a name generator can help make a name that would be totally unique to the character that they are about to bring to life.

From modern literature

Children’s books are ripe with fairy names, though these are often simple to help the children remember the character’s name. This is why Tinkerbell is such as popular pixie name to kids – it is both simple and playful to catch a child’s imagination. While more mature individuals might use fairy names from serious works of literature (i.e. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream), those names are quite few and far in between.


A name generator maximizes the names derived from modern literature and mixes it with the names from the folklore to come up with a more fairy unique (and random) name.

From plant names or geographical locations

 Since fairies are often linked with nature and its forces, some of the cutest and most unique fairy names come from the names of the natural elements. Some fairy name generators would even use a common name in another language to give a little bit of flair and flavor. Others would even use dead language like Latin to make the fairy name sound dark and ultimately, mysterious.